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Visionsavers Opticians don't just check your sight. To refine and target your eye examination we will ask you a few questions prior to beginning our tests.  These will include whether you are aware of having eyesight difficulties, if their is any family history of eye problems and a bit about your working environment.


Using the latest high tech equipment we will then carry out a range of additional tests designed to check the health of your eyes.

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This is where we measure how clearly you can see detail like the letters on the test chart and determine which lenses you need to get that optimum clarity. Are you long sighted, shortsighted, astigmatic or presbyopic, or are you one of the lucky ones who doesn't need specs or contacts, but just has the good sense to have a regular check up? We will tell you what the results are in plain English.

Sight Test

Looking inside your eyes

We examine the eyelids and the surface of the eye and look inside the eye with an ophthalmoscope to check the condition of your eyes and your general health.


Pupil Reflexes

Defective pupil reflexes can indicate retinal or neurological problems



This is a useful test, especially for the children, as it can demonstrate the highest level of co-ordination between the two eyes. It is, therefore, used in testing for "lazy eye" or a squint.


Colour Vision

Tests can show defects in colour perception which may be important in your choice of career. Particularly useful for young men and teenagers (it is hardly ever present in women).


Pressure Measurement

High pressure in your eyes means that you are more likely to have Glaucoma, so, if we find this then we will complete some other tests to confirm or otherwise.


Visual Fields

At visionsavers visual fields is covered in your eye exam at no extra cost (unlike some opticians who charge extra!). Plotting your central and peripheral fields of view can reveal the presence of Glaucoma or strokes or other neurological problems.


Muscle Balance

This shows whether your eyes are moving in harmony, if not you could have headaches or even double vision.

Additional tests explained

Private and NHS eyesight tests in Harrow